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Reviews for "P-Bot Has No Hope In NG"

They don't call you manly chicken for nothing. You would have needed some serious balls to pull of a concept like this. Making fun of popular Newgrounds and Youtube names is just sooooo... ballsy. I especially thought that the game grumps segment was well written and proved a point. I think there could have been a larger way to present the youtube segment by pointing out more flaws.

Although the gameplay itself is not very original, i think that mixing these popular aspects with it was pretty creative.

nice work man!

Manly-Chicken responds:

Thank Pjorg for the writing. He wrote the sketches.

A nice little Run 'n Gun with a bunch of pop culture references thrown in. It was quite a lot of fun until I got to the chick boss. I guess I shouldn't be using my laptop touchpad for a shooter game.
Anyways, I laughed my ass off at the boobies cut scene and the Game Over comment - especially the one about Stamper and his bullshit.
Great going, man. Keep the humor coming.

Manly-Chicken responds:

Glad that the game isn't glitched so the girl boss doesn't die anymore!

Reminds me of an 2007-ish flash, can't remember what it was called

Stuffing a modest amount of pop culture references? I like that.

The game was superb. Awesome music, crasy fast-paced gameplay.
Although, I have a few arguments with you:
1. Some grumps animation are made really good, and they are funny.
2.Some videogame parodies are awesome, especially Minecraft: The Noobs Adventure
3. What's wrong about tits?

Manly-Chicken responds:

1. I agree. There are some good ones. Though, most of them are garbage. They're also usually pretty limited/lazy animation too. Plus there's also far too many of them.
2. Again, there are good video game parodies, but there are far too many of them, and they all usually retread the same ground (the flappy bird pipes looking like mario pipes joke was made in at least 10 different flashes in 2 days).
3. Tits and hentai are fine. NG is about putting whatever you want on the portal and if you want to put naked chicks, fine. People gotta jack off. It's that putting tits in the thumbnail to attract views and relying on sex to carry your mediocre art/animation/game that's lazy.