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Reviews for "P-Bot Has No Hope In NG"

this game is amazing. simple yet hilarious concept. the retro style is avantgarde. total laugh and 5 big stars and four thumbs (two thumbs and two big toes)

BADASS music and gameplay.

Pretty fun, but way too easy up until the Vegeta boss. Also, yay for Nyan Doge!

Manly-Chicken responds:

Try it on hard.

Very well done! The music kicks ass, the controls are fluent, and the cutscenes are priceless!

I think it's great that each level adds a new enemy with new ways of using projectiles, which change even more as the enemy numbers dwindle. However, given P-Bot's projectile-spamming element and the limited space for each level, I think increasing the number of enemies for each stage adds a feeling of tediousness rather than challenge.

The increasing enemy numbers isn't tedious enough to write off the whole game, though. The enemies themselves lend a great deal to the enticing and intense gameplay, but I guess I personally have the most fun fighting the bosses; I loved experiencing what unique challenges each boss possessed and learning how to overcome them. That, along with the hilarious cutscenes, is what kept me playing through easy mode and lent me curiosity to see what hard mode had to offer.

It's hardworking people such as yourselves that help keep Newgrounds going in a seemingly tough time, and the hard work and effort really shows here. Again, well done!

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