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Reviews for "P-Bot Has No Hope In NG"

Lol steve?

Nice to see someone making fun of egoraptor and his shitty let's play channel. They're responsible for a lot of cancerous shit on the internet.

I gotta be honest I avoided clicking this because the thumbnail looked like a bad ms paint drawing. This game suffers a bit because of the presentation. I think you could have made it look just a bit nicer. other than that tho this game is pretty good. I liked the gameplay. simple yet challenging. the Dialogue in the cut-scenes and the humor was good too. What i think i liked most tho was the message. I share your views on all the issues in the game.. except perhaps in level 3. I don't know if i'm to construe that you dislike oney from that part. his jokes can be a little immature some times but in my opinion he's one of the least douchey animators around... any way I'm glad i played this game. 4 stars.
also nyan doge isn't an actual thing right?.. Please tell me it's not.

Manly-Chicken responds:

It's not making fun of Oney, he's fine, it's making fun of the guys who COPY Oney's art style.

If i want to play again for Getting the other metals, It just gives me a black screen and The Rank list.

Manly-Chicken responds:

Thanks for letting me know, will fix. Should be fixed.

Bravo sir, I commend you for bringing us the opportunity to BLAM the lights out of these nasty trends. Mistaking wall jumps for double jumps got me killed on the 4th boss.

About time somebody made fun out of Egoraptor's gamegrumps, wanted to blast his fuckin' face and finally somebody did it.