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Reviews for "P-Bot Has No Hope In NG"

Gameplay was very tight and jumping around/shooting felt good, a sensitivity slider for the crosshair woulda been nice but that's pretty knitpicky (something about the mouse movement felt awkward and constricted but maybe that's just me.) Ultimately the game gets a bit stale after the first few levels, really could use some sort of item shop or leveling/progression system. Loved the humor, which I think is the main draw of this game, Fun to see all this stuff get trashed, even if you don't necessarily hate it all (I like Oney and I still have hope for Egoraptor even after game grumps) All in all a nice little game, but it wouldn't be very memorable if it wasn't for the subject matter. Like I said the main draw is the jokes otherwise it's just an average run n gun

Good game authors are dickfaces

One of The Best Games Ever
The Troll boss was pretty easy It Only Took Me 2 trys

It wasn't too bad, It'd be fun with an upgrade shop or something, otherwise it gets really flat and oring after a bit. That being said, wasn't bad.

The game itself was pretty decent, liked it. The statement this game makes is pretty garbage though. All it does is hate on stuff that used to be popular within a little circle but has now made the jump to "mainstream". This game is giving off a major whiny hipster vibe. "I liked the stuff you like now way before you, its not even good anymore." Some of the dudes this video harps on now make their money with their former hobby. I don't think thats a reason to hate on them, thats admirable if anything.

Author is mad jelly yo