Reviews for "Newgrounds game teaser"

For a fake trailer, this is pretty well done. And as everyone else do, I'd love to see a real game similar to this.

5 picos and 5 stars.

it wouldnt be a bad idea a spinoff of super smash brothers but with the nes characters replaced by pico,nene,daryl & all their newgrounds friends would be really cool if done right i know this was a joke but still i think it has potential if done correctly alien hominid did so well on its own it made it to the console so hey anything is possible :)

LOL nice joke i actually laughed at my self and i thought coming would say soon not never but still nice joke

I'm relentlessly throwing money at my screen but nothing's happening.

Gah you got me hyped then! An indie game version of smash bros would be insane!