Reviews for "An Epic Stickventure"

That took about 20 minutes, more orless... Fun game. Difficult, but fun.

YEAH fix this man

It has the potential to be a very fun game, but it's control system isn't exactly logical and at times is pretty troly. it is also really hard to figure out where to click to start the game. I had to read through a lot of other reviews to figure it out. there is a very small spot at the base of the cliff. once you get that it gets a little easier but you should still be ready to die A LOT. even if you know exactly where and when to click, on any given level, it doesn't guarantee a victory. it just makes it possible. still, give it an easier to use control system and it could be a really good game.

So I hear you like making bloated piles of sand with bulldozer-like software. I didn't even try to play it when I realized the TITLE SCREEN was moving slowly.

I cant even move in this game. Awful.