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Reviews for "An Epic Stickventure"

There´re a lot of game with not so intuitive interface but maybe reading is an abillity in demise :D , GREAT GAME!!!!
Don´t worry about haters.

Honestly one of the worst games ever. Other have said it before me: put up a goddamn instruction menu at the start? It took me forever to find that tiny little spot at the cliff before I could do something!

It's fun, but there are too many problems to fully enjoy this game.
First of all, the controls are not very intuitive. It is playable, but there is never any indication of where to click (except for the first two enemies). This is a huge problem because the character moves so slowly between action segments. For example, I had to replay the section with two zombies at least 15 times, each repeating the scene where one drops down and the other comes up from the ground. If I had known that clicking on the second zombie's head was necessary, I could have cut down the deaths here to probably 5 or less. If I knew where to click and could choose to skip the cutscene, this would not be so frustrating.
Furthermore, when I got to the first rotating gear for the second time (after accidentally resetting), I hit it with the shot-hook and nothing happened. Of course it had to be blue, which it was, but after that the shot-hook would go right through it. I once again had to reset.
Overall this game is interesting, but the lack of help, slow cutscenes, and at least one fatal glitch make it a nuisance. I much enjoy your work, but this could use some fixing.

Meh. The click by click controls are a real trial and don't really add much to the game. In the end it just became tedious and frustrating.

you should put something in the beginning to say where to click first, a hint like the red text throughout the game, because it took me a few minutes to figure it out.