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Reviews for "An Epic Stickventure"

this game is awesome and it is fast too

If I want some meaning less violence, I do not want to have to think about it to much. To much effort to be able to relax.

i would do 5/5 stars but i cant press look out

This game is hard to say.
For those people who says pls put in instructions he did say point-n-click game in the author's comment.
I think some sounds are from legend of zelda like the chest and the hookshot.
The music does indeed sucks. I guess i should be happy there's a mute button at least.
I think the sound that the stickman(hero)/enemies are really unneeded.
I think the hero should of at least shoot a fireball since the fire gem did say he can. unneeded if your not gonna make him throw a fireball.
still keep all items when you replay.
-i think needs to be added
A select level choice maybe since some medals needs you to die on certain level in case you forgot to get them
-maybe only one checkpoint. final level you die and have to shoot the gear again every time you die so maybe a checkpoint when your done with the gear.
-Story. yay i on a "adventure" and there is no story. maybe an ending too.
Story: Luigi a random guy who was minding his own business till suddenly he maybe receives a random note of a random challenge from a guy with a mask and also has the power of thunder asking for a duel or maybe a threatening letter idk. He gets this and reads this and now off to kill this man with a mask with thunder powers.
*slash* *Slash* *da da da daaaaaaa* (gets a new item) hyah hyah hyah
So finally the great luigi(hero) has slain the thunder man with his power making the hero of something......idk something like that.
idk.........but yeah....it was fun i'll admit.
i'll give it a average score

No, its bad. It's a real shame because the animation / visual style is very good. But the music is horrid (I had to mute it - thankfully there is a mute button). And the idea of a quicktime puzzle game has not worked here - there is no consistency or logic to any of the "puzzles". Just a lot of trial and error, resulting in death, which once or twice might be funny, but after the umpteenth time is just plain boring / frustrating. The game does NOT feel epic at all.

You know what would have forgiven all this? If there had been an epic ending animation.

Oh yeah - and I have a hook shot, but I still have to jump over three fireballs before I can use it?? So lame.