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Reviews for "An Epic Stickventure"

a beautiful game !

Smooth Moves :) NIce game

A fun little game you've got here. I'm really fond of these backgrounds and the animation itself was awesome.
I do think some 'action parts' are a bit unclear though. For example, if you have to fight both zombies, just outside the cave. It's not clear whether you should click the big red arrow, or something else.
Also, the golden mask guy was a tad' too hard. No indicators or nothing and it happens really fast. First attack was easy, but second attack nearly impossible. I'm not sure whether I have to dodge, or attack. Doesn't matter really, cause either way doesn't seem to be working. Hahaha.

All in all, it's a difficult but nice game.

And of course, thank you for using my music.
If you've got the time to put me in the 'credits & info', that would be sweet. Just so this appears on my user page.

Keep on making games though! Still hoping on Elf Story 2.

I went over to the walkthrough and all it did was show me another link to the game. I managed to find the walkthrough and am so glad I did. I honestly had no clue what was going on with this game. I'm worse at point and click adventures than I thought I was! I did manage to get into it a little when I finally understood it. The drawings were fairly nice.

It was so satisfying to finally get that sword and kill people. I liked how it was so short. Medals for being killed are always a plus. Even the name is kind of cool. It was fun to see what would happen next. While not that great, it is worth looking at.