Reviews for "An Epic Stickventure"

making the game easy for click !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
idk how click direction so shit !!!
graphic k
he have jumbo fingers lol

While this game doesn't quite stand up to the epicness of Elf Story, I still enjoyed this one quite a bit nonetheless.
Although it is a bit on the short side, so I wish there were more actions to choose from as well as more death scenes etc.
The backgrounds are a pleasure to view and the tongue in cheek humor is great for the laugh factor.
The medals were a nice added bonus, so thanks for those!
The music is alright, but I didn't really find it fitting for this adventure, so it came off as out of place for me.
Other than that, this was fun to play.
Keep up the great work, and I hope you continue to make more point n click adventures.
Especially if there's going to be an Elf Story 2! ;D

An awful game. This is not a point and click adventure. This is more like Dragons' s Lair where you are left aimless trying to figure out what to do. BUT YOU DIE.

Good lucky trying to find out how to move. Poorly executed and a let down. You are better off playing a Reemus game for the 9000th time.

It's like those Arcade Games like Dragon's Lair. Not Bad at All :)

The problem is, knowing where to click, not just a matter of direction. Fix that, and it's another star higher. I'm glad tab works to ID the clickable action, but it's a cheap way to figure it out. If it was only a little more well defined, like Elf Story seemed to be...

Other than that, it's a swell game. Takes a little longer than 5 minutes (even if you play to the medals at each stage), but it still kinda feels short.