Reviews for "An Epic Stickventure"

For those who it was not clear TO MOVE you have to click on the ground directly under the ledge where you start. I liked this games style and method, but the timed actions i don't, i appreciate the new found technique, but where is the challenge if it relies on clicking at the right time?

Someone is a fan of Legend of zelda series.
I like game from Legend of Zelda series

this was great, pretty hard though also people struggling to move or find out the controls it says in the description "point-n-click" which implies use the mouse and find somewhere to click.

Um...just going by what I saw on the first screen...it looks good. Music is a little repetitive, but I can deal with that. But I have a question: HOW IN THE BLUE HELL DO YOU MOVE?!?!? I've been sitting here for the last 10 minutes; clicking everything on the screen, hitting every button on my keyboard, clicking and dragging, nothing works. You say it's a point-and-click game but nothing happens when you point-and-click. It could be a glitch but I doubt it since I restarted the game three times in the last 10 minutes.

Sorry for the no stars score, but I can't rate a game I can't even play. You might want to add in some instructions on the title screen that cover the basics...like moving.

Not bad, in fact its interesting!
I like this kind of game, point of click, its different than just your ordinary hack and slice, its something rather new.

The only thing that makes it annoying is you don't know where you need to click next and ended up randomly hover your mouse over the screen to search the right place to click, still a good game anyway.