Reviews for "An Epic Stickventure"

nice game but to linear and short. altough funny dialogues would be fun. you`ve made a good game but you have missed to set the spot of the " i " ..

hahahahaha, the n00bs asking: "where r the controls???"
hahahahahaha, and the haters, "fun when it's skill rather than timing"
let the dogs barks
i really enjoyed your game, keep up the good work
btw, its nice to play a new game from you, been expecting this from a while

I can never kill the 2nd zombie on this game! How the heck can you kill it?! But great game though.

Great game. It reminds me of Elf Story, with the Zelda-like items and music, along with the multiple ways to kill things with different items.

Nice look, but the controls are obtuse, there is little or no way to learn and predict the next click spot. Takes away game-playing skill, the thrill of wining, and makes this nothing but a grindfest.