Reviews for "An Epic Stickventure"

you have to click but i think it would be better using a keyboard

Sorry, but I found myself relying way too much on trial and error to get through this game. Maybe if you let people use the keyboard, I wouldn't be complaining.

wtf is the controls

I like the game. This unlocks a lot of achievements for a lot of points.

The animation here is top-notch as usual for you and the game seems like it could be fun, but there's pretty much no time to react to the arrows, making it all come down to trial and error. What's worse is that there's never really an indication of where you need to click specifically because the hotboxes for QTEs are painfully small compared to the arrows. Had those problems been fixed, this would have been a ton of gory fun, but as is, it's just kind of frustrating.