Reviews for "Animated Joke 2"

*click* Nice.

Alienslushie responds:

This guy gets it! ;)

Everything about this is superb, the animation, the sound, the timing.

the only thing that i would change is the title, don't use the words 'joke' 'funny' 'hilarious' in a title

people will come in here assuming something and then give you less ratings than deserved due to them not understanding the joke or not finding it funny etc etc etc

Alienslushie responds:

Thanks for the helpful review! Although I appreciate what your saying about the title I hope you understood I was being facetious, it's intentionally a very bad title. I'll try and give my next animation a proper title while keeping with the continuity of the previous two animations.

lol nice
well animated and funny with good voice acting


Amazing animation! But i don't really think it was funny :/