Reviews for "~|Final Fantasy|~"

Very, very nice.

Beautifully done. Simply supurb. You've done a great job orchestrating one of the most dull and repetitive of video game music, and made it sound pleasing to the ears. I especially liked the adding of the choruses and the clean sounding orchestra. I enjoyed this. I bet at that concert, no one was asleep. Great job, keep it up. :D

Klace responds:

Thanks for the review!
The concert hasn't happened yet But I'm sure no one will be asleep!
I'm sure there will be people who can't be at the concert but I'm gonna open a donations thing for people who want to go but can't make it.
Maybe we'll do more concerts, that would be great.


I'm reviewing it as I listen. It's incredible. The sounds are clean and clear. It's very professional sounding, and I'm sure it sounds awesome in a live concert, with real instruments.

Maybe you get this question a lot, but what program/plugins are you using?

Klace responds:

Thanks for the Review, and hope you rated it!
I use
East West Gold Orchestra, and Gold Orchestra Pro XP, East West Symphonic Choirs, and FL Studio 6, That's about it!