Reviews for "~|Final Fantasy|~"


Means "Oh My God". This is... just... there are honestly no words that would due this piece justice. Breathtaking, original (yes I know it's from FF), and just... wow. When the chorus opened up it literally gave me chills. I wish I could give you higher than a 10.


This is really really well done...makes me feel at peace...

stunning...absolutely stunning

This is the first FF prelude that i've heard that has left me speechless..it sounds so smooth and peaceful ..sounds amazingly proffessional......simply beautiful


^ ^; I must say sir, I am jealous of your wonderful program. If my instruments sounded like that, I'd be able to make good music like yours. But I like how you changed the melody slightly, and using a harp was ingenious! I have nothing to critique, so all in all I really enjoyed your piece. Keep it up, yah?

With love,
~Lady Arsenic


Beautiful piece right here. Granted there have been numbers of endless covers of the VII opener but this is by far, BY FAR the best one I've ever heard. I love how it's a bit sped up from the original and the choir sound to it is amazing as well. I love the subtle harp in the background as well and everything ties together quite smoothly. This, is a must piece for anyones collection. Clear sound and a grand ammount of effort[I feel]has been put into this piece. Bravo good sir, bravo.