Reviews for "Vortex Point 4"

This is an average point and click game. The difficulty was raised in this episode.
The medal works, and I earned it.

I am sad to say I could not get into this more. It's probably just biasedness because I don't like these kinds of games. I have at least played games that were better than this. This one just doesn't look well made. It would have worked better with more graphics. I guess you were trying to be realistic with it.

Then again, I haven't gotten into any parts that may have ghosts. I appreciate you making something that won an award. There isn't anything too creative in this. While not awful, there's really nothing of note. I guess it's okay for me.

Not happy with the rules of the clock minigame, or the picture puzzle (you should at least show if the end pieces are correct, when placed).

The puzzle game in the game is hard can someone help?

Already annoyed of the first puzzle and the guy saying "I better not touch that" I never heard a person saying "I better not touch that" out loud 4 stars at least I'm nice giving 4 instead of 3 right? Well,its the truth its just so repetitive!!!! I'm just saying no one has to agree with me but if its going to be repetitive the whole game then I'm done I gave some of their other games a shot but instead it shot me it was just..... like are you kidding me well I guess the stories of their games are all ways interesting but not the dialog does anyone knows that the dialog in this game is messed up at least for me when they talk anyone else?