Reviews for "Pixelo"

Simple tutorial: the numbers say how many blocks there are on the line, if the number's 2, then there are two blocks "together". If it's 1;2 then there's 1 block alone, then 2 blocks together.

Yes! I'm always up for more Picross.

...Oh wait.

I certainly wish I were better at Picross. x3 Oh well. This game is about as calm, and soothing, as a puzzle game ought to be. If this were a console game (wink wink), you'd have my guarantee of purchase.

I love this game. The logical thinking is great and I was instantly addicted. I am confused as to what jumping actually means/does, but that's more of a question. This game is great and I very much enjoyed the whole thing seeing as I've never played picross before. Keep it up!

Only thing missing would be an external save option; I think I'm cleaning up cookies and end up losing my save files :/