Reviews for "Pixelo"

This puzzle is new and interesting, however, even with a tutorial, a clear idea, many retries and the meaning of the image i am trying to decypher its still an unfair game, and too big for what it is. I would have liked like 3 pages for each difficulty, but.... there are eleven just for the easy mode, and you thought that this would take 30 minutes for people to complete each one (i could do some of them in under a minute) so its kinda if like you dont know what its going on with this game.

Also, a shop? why? there is no need for it, its a puzzle game, not upgrade complete 2.5

This is called Picross, not "Pixolo". Nintendo came up with it. Even some of the icons you used are the same. You don't get to change the name and claim it.

While entertaining - most Picross games are - this game's use of unlocks, badges, prizes, and even unlockable *options menus* made things vastly too slow and complicated. I would much rather play ten very difficult puzzles than the two hundred easy puzzles which precede them. At least make Normal and Hard modes unlocked to start!

However, the convoluted unlock system aside, the game has solid puzzles and I appreciated the implementation of mouse and keyboard control on a Picross game.

Would have been a 5 star but I lost all of my progress and that just bummed me out completely. Otherwise a great game and it helped me learn how to play Picross.

This game is... okay. It isn't exactly what I would call fun, but relaxing. I don't typically play puzzle games, so I probably don't know what I'm talking about. As Rapidgame7 said, you can find this game in a book. Some of the solutions look nothing like what they're supposed to be, and some of them are downright confusing i.e. the cup puzzle; you should have called it mug. This game is flawed, but it isn't flawed enough for me to call it bad.