Reviews for "Pixelo"

this game is logic. SO HARD AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!1111!1!1!111!!!!!

There is something i dont like though.

You have to BUY the badges.

That is terrible.

please get rid of this, i dont wanna BUY badges.

Thank you.

I like the game, but I'm not a fan of the scoring system. Accidentally clicking wrong is bad enough, but for me, accidentally clicking a right square is even worse. I want to be able to solve the puzzle logically, not by guessing or accidentally getting a square right. I'd want to be able to uncheck a square, and I don't want the game to tell me if I got it right or wrong.

I also feel there are things missing. I'm on Normal mode now, so I don't know if this is in later levels, but I really miss more colours.

Difficulty of puzzles varies wildly, for example, Steamed Rice is dead easy, but Kite is impossible. Literally; I'm stuck, I can not finish it without guessing. Several 15x15 'Normal' puzzles could've easily been used in Easy mode.

All in all, good game, good programming, but I don't like the execution and there are some issues that could be improved.

Great game, but I can't play it because of a bug with the ad...
The ad is changing my cursour to a sight to shoot people in the ad, but it becomes invisible in game, even after starting it...
I've nothing else to say, really a fantastic game, but I had to report the annoyance ;)

I love this game but this is the third time the game has reset it's self and I had to start over. Just wondering if there is any way to fix this

whew. after like weeks of playing, i finally finished all the levels.

that being said, my main qualm with this game is that lots of the medals don't work. i've finished every level, many more than once, and i'm still missing several medals from completing levels. I got the badges for the achievements, but not the medals.

i liked the personalization options, even though i chose not to use many of them. i think it was a good idea to add, and the game overall looks very clean.

i think the badges were priced well. none of them were ludicrously expensive, and the only ones that were really expensive were worth it (case in point: Pray to Pixelo God).

i found playing with the mouse annoying, but i'm playing on a laptop, and my trackpad probably influenced that opinion. i missed the 'switch' button a lot, and failed lots of pixels because i didn't realize it in time.

the stats page seems to work well, and is a nice addition. it's nice to see how many times i fucked up >.>

9.5/10, man. i LOVE picross puzzles, and i've played about every single picross game i've found. this one kept me entertained ENTIRELY too long, and that's definitely a good thing.

tl;dr: fix the broken medals and daily puzzle, and you'll be set. everything else was awesome!