Reviews for "Pixelo"

Nice game, but I can't download daily pixelos, if I try the game stop and never download the pixelo. .-.

this game is logic. SO HARD AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!1111!1!1!111!!!!!

There is something i dont like though.

You have to BUY the badges.

That is terrible.

please get rid of this, i dont wanna BUY badges.

Thank you.

I like the game, but I'm not a fan of the scoring system. Accidentally clicking wrong is bad enough, but for me, accidentally clicking a right square is even worse. I want to be able to solve the puzzle logically, not by guessing or accidentally getting a square right. I'd want to be able to uncheck a square, and I don't want the game to tell me if I got it right or wrong.

I also feel there are things missing. I'm on Normal mode now, so I don't know if this is in later levels, but I really miss more colours.

Difficulty of puzzles varies wildly, for example, Steamed Rice is dead easy, but Kite is impossible. Literally; I'm stuck, I can not finish it without guessing. Several 15x15 'Normal' puzzles could've easily been used in Easy mode.

All in all, good game, good programming, but I don't like the execution and there are some issues that could be improved.

Great game, but I can't play it because of a bug with the ad...
The ad is changing my cursour to a sight to shoot people in the ad, but it becomes invisible in game, even after starting it...
I've nothing else to say, really a fantastic game, but I had to report the annoyance ;)

I love this game but this is the third time the game has reset it's self and I had to start over. Just wondering if there is any way to fix this