Reviews for "Pixelo"

you need to tell the objective of the game
i was wondering for 5 freaking minutes wtf am i doing
then i started figuring out there is writings like phone headphones and so on
so i had to draw these things? further more i dont see anything that helps me doing that
for example the headset seems lower at the top or the NOTE did not have empty pixel which

love the game I spend hours playing it but I can't do the daily puzzles every time I try it just says 'downloading' and nothing happens no matter how long I wait

My game is bugged. It asked me to enter my name. I did, and then I clicked 'Play' and it played the music, but it didn't go to the main menu; it just stayed on the naming screen. I clicked 'Play' again and again and it still didn't budge. Please fix it.

I love this game! But I lost all my data!!! You need to update this game and add a "save backup game data" or something. There are other things that need fixing too, but the save thing is my biggest issue.

I love this game. The logical thinking is great and I was instantly addicted. I am confused as to what jumping actually means/does, but that's more of a question. This game is great and I very much enjoyed the whole thing seeing as I've never played picross before. Keep it up!