Reviews for "Pixelo"

Well, it's just your typical Picross game, but it's still fun regardless!

This game is... okay. It isn't exactly what I would call fun, but relaxing. I don't typically play puzzle games, so I probably don't know what I'm talking about. As Rapidgame7 said, you can find this game in a book. Some of the solutions look nothing like what they're supposed to be, and some of them are downright confusing i.e. the cup puzzle; you should have called it mug. This game is flawed, but it isn't flawed enough for me to call it bad.

I remember playing this game.
But not here nor on Internet, it was in a book or something with several of these games, where you had to write squares with a pencil.
With the music, this game is so relaxing, you know...

Love this game!I play it while watching videos side by side.

you need to tell the objective of the game
i was wondering for 5 freaking minutes wtf am i doing
then i started figuring out there is writings like phone headphones and so on
so i had to draw these things? further more i dont see anything that helps me doing that
for example the headset seems lower at the top or the NOTE did not have empty pixel which