Reviews for "Pixelo"

I loved it! Very tricky and time consuming!

It's a fun game, all designed really well. Some of the puzzles...don't make sense though. Either poorly named, or poorly thought out. I would like to say it's only 1 or 2 of them, but it's quite a few of them that just don't make sense, are named wrong, or are just poorly made. Moon and Star? A star wouldn't shine through the moon, the moon is a sphere. Pumpkin Head? It's a jack o lantern. I still can't see the whale in the whale puzzle. Some were clearly designed to be symmetrical yet one pixel would be off or missing for no apparent reason.

Im stuck on the your name part
can someone help me get through this part
i give it three stars because i love puzzle games in i think it at least deserves three stars

How do I play this? Is that weird white bar at the bottom the loading thing? Seriously all it shows is this add for an app and a weird duck/platypus thing that says "Me Gusta". What the heck? What do you need to do to play the game?!?!?!?!