Reviews for "Pixelo"

Simple tutorial: the numbers say how many blocks there are on the line, if the number's 2, then there are two blocks "together". If it's 1;2 then there's 1 block alone, then 2 blocks together.

Please edit the tutorial and reupload. I feel that this game has potential, but the tutorial is nothing but confusing. Could be a great braintrainer when being able to play it correctly, but for now all I can say is Meh!

I also found the tutorial slightly confusing, but after 3 or so puzzles I was hooked. Great overall! :)

Awful tutorial. Left me more confused than when I went in. No explanation at all.

this is game is awesome.
i'm used to nonogram games, like nono spark, and cross me. So i loved this one, so much levels and such. ( actualy playing cross me color level sensei)

i just think that the pace of unlocking the options is too slow. The options and stats should be open after a couple games, not after dozens.

loved the badges. it give the game a new twist.

also, being abliged, to play all the easy levels is tiresome. unlock the normal after X level. and hard after Y levels. it should be better.