Reviews for "Pixelo"

Though the concept may not be original, it was really fun to try and figure out

This is not an original concept, and didn't bring anything really all that exciting to the experience. In addition, there a multiple typos throughout, and they are kind of distracting. Furthermore, the tutorial was confusing, and I only knew how the game worked because I've played other games of this sort before. The sheer amount of levels is staggering, but the easy levels are really easy and it makes it hard to get to a good challenge.
Not a bad game, but nothing special overall.

In case anyone's wondering if this game is original, it's not, as far as I know, Artifex Mundi did this first*, they have a collection of puzzles, and I finally get the chance to just do one of my favourite ones. The design of this one is relaxing, with soothing music, soft animations and appropriate sound effects. But compared to Artifex's, these lack insight and had quantity over quality, there were times you had to guess, and the hint didn't help (I could take up any space and still form the same shape, really).
*: I recommended that you try out his/their games, they're point n'click mysteries with incredible art (best I've ever seen), audio and storylines.

It took me quite a while, but I finally solved all of the puzzles. The difficulty curve is almost perfect (though does get a bit nuts when you hit the 20x20). But a few of the medals didn't work for me: Foodie, Drunken and Hard Master, and the Daily puzzle never loads for me. Not sure if I met the criteria for "Pixelo Duck" so don't know if that one works or not.

Otherwise, it was a lot of fun.

So far this looks really great! The easy puzzles are, well, easy, but I'm sure it gets more difficult later. The only problem I can find with this game is that it would really help if you made your selection on the menus highlight when you hover over it. I don't know why that bothers me but it does. >.<