Reviews for "Pixelo"

This game is very well thought out I have to say :) It had me addicted for hours when I first found it :D
Great game!

I would really, really give you more stars but the problem is like every week my account resets. I got no idea why it is. Played myself 2 times already to Normal difficulty but i won't do it a third time. Otherwise it's actually a great game.

love the game but the worst part was already being an advanced player having to do easy and medium just to get to hard, an option would be nice.

one more thing i noticed is usually the numbers black out after you have filled in all the squares before them. i love and take advantage of this feature saving me from having to count, the problem is it seems to mess up when filling in numbers at about/over 10 causing me to mess up.

-The game itself is just picross, but the mood it sets is pretty good, the songs are pretty relaxing
- The mouse controls are annoying (Usually you Hold a key to mark X you don't have to switch it by pressing it) cause sometimes you mark things quickly and think your going to put an X and end up screwing up
- The RPG element is fun, but some of the badges have horrible descriptions or are just plain silly, I mean why would I pay 40k for a badge that gives me 2k for every 20 minutes of being on the board (You have to be on a puzzle, so you can't just leave it while you sleep cause after 30m you lose)? it would take me way to long to get my money back and on that time I could probably finish hard and I would be able to play with a +%gold instead

I also want to clarify for the players that in these puzzles you don't have to guess a single time if one particular pixel is or isn't the right one, there are multiple logical things you can do, there are some puzzles were after doing the more obvious marks you will be left with just 1 or 2 logical paths (Non-guessing paths) to continue, so it may be hard, you may not see it, or it may involve a method that you aren't using, but please do not lower the score of this game just cause you weren't able to solve it without guessing.

Though the concept may not be original, it was really fun to try and figure out