Reviews for "Puzzle Legends"

very nice puzzles
the difficulty increases, some levels seems like: no way i can solve this!!
i enjoyed it !

music is ok, and there is a mute button, but wish for sound effects on without the music, sometimes the repetitive music can be too much,
thank you

Fantastic game. I enjoyed it quite a bit. Puzzles are challenging and satisfying. What I enjoyed about it more is the music and sounds reminded me of the days of playing on a TurboGraFX. The music is great too.

Wow. I truly love this game. It's got a clean interface, delightful graphics, animations and music, and cleverly-designed puzzles. I think Puzzle Legends hits the sweet spot where the puzzles are just the "right" difficulty - tricky, yet still doable without feeling overwhelmed by too many complex dynamics.

Also, I really appreciate the "skip a level and try again later" feature -- with some other puzzle games, you are forced to endure a frustrating level over and over unless you look up a walk-through (which spoils the fun).

I can tell the developers put a lot of love into this game. Bonus points for reminding me of my childhood gaming.

Puzzles are so well thought out, was great fun :)

This is an awesome game with the perfect difficulty level for me.

To you players who have problems with a medal:
Learn by doing is obtained by beating the first level without reading the sing with an X over. Nothing's for free is for trying to purshase something whith insufficent coins. I'm outta here is for skipping a level by clicking the fourth button to the left in a level. All that hard work for nothing - buy out the shop. Then while being on the highesr floor of the third tower make sure that you have 100% all levels before that. Take all coins and the artifact on the last level. then complete it. Now you should have all medals. Sadly, there is a chance that a medal do not unlocks.

The graphics are good. The map looks nice and I like the animations of when a new tower pops up. The only thing that annoyed me was the godamn snakes.

NazoSystems responds:

Sorry about the snakes :D