Reviews for "Puzzle Legends"


The first level was ok, but that was as far as i got. It wont let me continue on to the next level, the two walls come together and part on the same continue screen.

NazoSystems responds:

Please refresh the page and try again. No one else has reported this issue before.

Well thought out puzzles that give a real sense of satisfaction when you finally get it. I find the walking speed to be alright, it gives me time to think.

**The "Pleasing Efforts" medal bug still seems to be there though, I don't have it despite having all artifacts.

NazoSystems responds:

To everyone missing this medal, please wait until after the credits, then you will get your medals.

I'm a Lolo fan and have spent many hours playing those games. I like this, but it's not enough to make me want to play it instead of Lolo if I'm in that mood. The puzzles feel a little less on the creative, clever side, and more on the annoying complexity side, where they aren't really difficult as much as they are tedious and time-consuming

Really awesome game!
A huge fun to play. Could be bigger, or make part II. :)

The only thing I give only 4.5 of 5 stars is, that some medals don't work.
I have completet the whole game with all 12 artefacts and all gold (I have the "All that hard work..."-medal), and also finished tower 2 and 3, so it is logical, I finished tower 1, but I didn't get the medals "Tower 1", "Shadow Scarf", "Death Bone" and "Kings Scepter".
I don't know if it is only a problem I have, but I don't know why these didn't show up, after getting them in the game itself. :/

But anyway. Gooooood game! More of this! Thanks alot for this fun! :)