Reviews for "Puzzle Legends"

Cute and challenging. The music could be a bit more....diverse :) Brings back memories from the early nineties. Also strongly reminds me of Talesworth. 4,5/5!

All it does is an advert for snapbreak.com

NazoSystems responds:

Wait a little and a "Play now" button should appear.

Amazing game with all elements of a great RPG, congrats!

LOLO! :) With a twist. Nice music, good graphics (HD 8-bit!!! haha) Maybe a little slow.
Very nice game with good puzzles, I like it!

This game is well programmed and the puzzles were very fun, some of them challenging. I had to use the help button on one of the final stages because I didn't remember that the ice blocks floated over holes. It's a game that really encourages experimentation and it doesn't yield its secrets if you just clam up and try to 'think' your way out.

The music was fine but I turned it off after a while, but that's okay. I completely believe that for puzzle games, music shouldn't be the focus as I often listen to my own music.

The graphics were good.