Reviews for "Puzzle Legends"

Amazing, got a great time.

Awesome game, it stole a couple of hours away from me anyway! The only issue I have is that four medals didn't pop for me, irrespective of the fact that I completed the required tasks. The medals are 'Predictor', 'Tower 3', 'Glittery', and 'I'm Outta Here'. Can this be rectified? Thanks!

NazoSystems responds:

Please try again. We have no idea why this could be. No one else has reported these issues.

So nice and fun. The mazes are well done, and the snakes are my new arch enemies.

Fun to play, very nice, reflecting back to the good old days of Lolo.

I like the 8-bit music and the pixelated graphics, both of which are very well made, and add to the nostalgia factor.

The gameplay seems to be taken straight from Adventures of Lolo, but that's not such a bad thing, since the concept was executed pretty well in this. You push blocks around, gather coins, avoid enemies and place objects in order to help you reach your objective, sometimes requiring a bit of thinking before acting, just like the good old series this game is inspired on. The levels are designed cleverly, making good use of the different elements, making the game pretty hooking and interesting. I also like how there are collectibles to gather throughout the stages (that usually require more cleverness than just clearing the stage).

So, really, while the concept is not new, it was very well made, so that's not such a problem.

This game is just amazing ... it really took me a while to achive all the artifacts. It's very challenging and the music is just off the hook. I never hated snakes so much in my whole life :D Keep up that good work.