Reviews for "Puzzle Legends"

I think the puzzles are really well done, it is possible to get 100% without any crazy effort. At least on the first two towers, I'm going to finish this game another day. I really dig the graphics and the music as well. It gives me a good vibe. One of my favorite puzzle games to date.

Quit enjoyable game, the parts I could do anyway.
Attempted 2.3 way too many times, even checked the walkthrough, but the eater moves before I can get across. Even tried changing flash options, but to no avail. Tried different paths, but just not possible to cover that distance before he goes.

Wow, this is an amazing game! Really enjoyable, and the artifacts make it even better.

really good!

Just a little thing, when u re dead you cannot use "r" to restart, only "x"

Now, add a little story and a boss on each tower :D

Maybe the artifacts could help defeat them :)

Fun game. I always love puzzle games. I just don't get it why I'm still missing one medal -- the "I'm Outta Here" Medal. I beat the game. Got all the coins and the artifacts and all the medals except that. Isn't that medal supposed to appear right after the credits just like the others too? I'm honestly confused here, of maybe I'm just really missing it somewhere.

Anyways, thumbs up on this one. I don't see any bugs so far. If there is one, maybe just that one medal I'm missing. If that is so...THE HELL!? HOW CAN I GET IT?? Lol. I'm retarded. Can't sleep thinking about it... x_x