Reviews for "Puzzle Legends"

Very good game! The only problem I had is that the game really needs an "undo" button for your previous action. The controls are a bit slippery, and there was a lot of frustration with "Whoops! I accidentally pushed that block in the wrong direction," or "Oh on, I accidentally moved move square too many!" These usually resulted in having to restart a level from scratch, which was annoying on the later levels, where every little action was vital. To be able to undo your last move would be a boon. Games like this usually include such a function, as puzzle games encourage experimentation.

Otherwise, it's a great game. Great old-school graphics and sound, good challenge, and some clever ideas. Great job!

Wow. I truly love this game. It's got a clean interface, delightful graphics, animations and music, and cleverly-designed puzzles. I think Puzzle Legends hits the sweet spot where the puzzles are just the "right" difficulty - tricky, yet still doable without feeling overwhelmed by too many complex dynamics.

Also, I really appreciate the "skip a level and try again later" feature -- with some other puzzle games, you are forced to endure a frustrating level over and over unless you look up a walk-through (which spoils the fun).

I can tell the developers put a lot of love into this game. Bonus points for reminding me of my childhood gaming.

good job!

its a very good game but u move so slow!

im outta here= skip a level