Reviews for "Puzzle Legends"

Puzzles are so well thought out, was great fun :)

It was great. And then the bull guy came. I lost my shit after maybe three or four levels with him.

On level 6 in the first tower, you need to skip it and solve later. A skip costs 6 coins. I got all the coins form level 1-5, which equals 15 coins. I went to the shop and bought the kings scepter (10 coins). 15-10=5. I have 5 coins and cannot skip the level I am supposed to skip. What the hell.

hate the f*cking snake

Stupid snake. WHY have him there!? Why cant you, i dunno KILL HIM? Why have an annoying stupid snake in a game seriously? -.- Cant get past him, no matter what i do... So this is stupid.