Reviews for "Puzzle Legends"

Excellent game with an amazing amazing concept and graphics. And you just have to love the music, it fits in with the game style perfectly!

I also love the features in the game levels, they are original and fantastic. I also really admire you for how hard you made the last tower levels.

However i did hate the ending after getting everything. :)

Outstanding piece of work! :)

very nice puzzles
the difficulty increases, some levels seems like: no way i can solve this!!
i enjoyed it !

music is ok, and there is a mute button, but wish for sound effects on without the music, sometimes the repetitive music can be too much,
thank you

Fantastic and addictive game! Though I didn't earn 'Pleasing Efforts' medal too, even after beating the game with all artifacts and coins, and 6 secret medals are still secret for me, because I only have 'Sold Out'

NazoSystems responds:

When the credits start to roll please press x and you should receive all the ending medals.

Addictive pixel game!

cool game... the movement needs work, though. on level two i had to try several times to push the stone without falling into the hole. i would let go of the right arrow key and the character would keep walking... i also noticed that this issue comes into play when changing directions. i mean cmon... we've been able to get past this sort of issue since pokemon blue and red.
otherwise, this was a fun time.