Reviews for "Puzzle Legends"

Great! love the levels and puzzles. But it's kind of laggy? slow? maybe it's just me

I really, really enjoyed this game! I initially started playing it just to kill a little time while burning a game to a disc, but after a few levels I was hooked.

I loved the overall look of the game, as the graphics are nice and detailed (and for such small sprites, that's impressive) giving the game a interesting faux-retro style to it, reminiscent of old SNES games like Earthbound and A Link To The Past.

The music tracks were all nice and catchy, helping to give the game a retro vibe when pared to the aforementioned visuals. However, after a while even my favorite theme in the game (Stage 2, if you're wondering) started to get irritating after a while, especially when dealing with a particularly nasty puzzle.

And speaking of the puzzles, they were by far the best part of the game (which is pretty necessary for a puzzle game). Each one was pretty well designed, and they require you to experiment with your approaches, rather than straight-up brute forcing them. Each one was incredibly fair, and rarely did I feel that it was anything other than my own fault that I fucked up. Well, except for the second-to-last level (which I swear I tried the correct method and always fail until I watched the walkthrough) , and the dozen or so times I died due to the bizarre hitboxes. And I prided myself on completing 90% of the game without using your walkthrough, which rarely happens when I play a puzzle game.

In summary, this game was damn near perfect. Aside from a few bizarre solutions that wouldn't be out of place in a Sierra point-&-click adventure game, some issues with the hitboxes, and somewhat short soundtrack, this game was flawless. Although, that does get me to the biggest problem with this game: It's too fucking short! With only 24 levels, the game goes by pretty fast (I beat it in about an hour and a half, and that was with a short break). If you guys ever decide to make a second game, I'd like to see at least twice as many levels.

i love it man, great game :D keep doing good stuffs

I really was pretty impressed by this. I didn't think it would be that good at first. I think the best thing is how it isn't too frustrating. A lot of puzzle games can be like that. I think it's because you give it the feeling of a platformer. Maybe I'm thinking more of an RPG.

I think the music's really cool too. There was definitely work put into making all of these different puzzles. It really is fun to work your way around this. You can always try again. It's all around a very fun game.


Excellent game by the way. The looping music was quite pleasant.