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Reviews for "Euclidian Trees"

Perfect for a retro-game feel. Love the EQ on the mid-saws. The percussive loop is great. Good balance of lows to give it some dynamic.

I noticed some clicks that occurred when the percussive elements chopped (this could be intentional or not). I thought that it could do without those. Some transitions between motifs were slightly abrupt. Again, it could be intentional based on the track's genre and architecture, but I personally feel they could have smoothened out slightly.

Great track overall. Love to see more tracks like these breaking norms for electronic music releases.

Nice feeling from this, turned it up and woke the sleeping. good job.

HalfStepTides responds:

Thanks so much for your feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed the track! This is part of a bigger album, so I encourage you to stick around for it's release. :)

I like your work. The tracks of yours, that I find on Newgrounds, have a nostalgic feel to them, like when a game developer demands that it's sound team create a track to inspire wonder, or reflection.