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Reviews for "GUI Game"

Somewhat original but very fun, if a little confusing

AthleticDesign responds:

Thanks! The intention is to make it confusing in a good way, sort of ...

Very clever. I too made it through, but it took me some time to find out how to do "Dying not ineviteable". Probably my favourite "level".
Also the music is nice.

AthleticDesign responds:

The piece of music was left resting for an even longer time. My brother wrote it 13 years ago (for another game) but it was not used until now. He says, thank you and well done (he couldn't solve Dying Is Not Inevitable without my help)!

I got the solution of "Dying is not inevitable" not so long...but took a while doing it. Great game! It's fun.

AthleticDesign responds:


I really like the concept of the game and it is executed fantastically. But im stuck in Dying is Not Inevitable.

AthleticDesign responds:

Thanks! You need to replay the previous level. Then position button so that it overlaps with the button of the next level and drive the cursor (Asteroids style) to it!

Brought a lot of good memories, and a pretty fun time waster! Thanks ^^