Reviews for "Night Lights: After Dark"

Too short. WAY to short!

You need some kind of "fast forward" button to speed up those ungodly-slow elevators when you catch them exactly at the wrong time. Or for levels like #15. Uuuuugh. My impatience with them actually got the poor character impaled on that level... Lol. It would also be nice if elevators would "snap" to floors on levels like #10. It's annoying when you don't get it exactly and have to restart. Or if your buddy (I shall refer to him as "Mothy" since he compulsively follows any light he finds) were able to jump up onto uneven platforms, it would solve the same problem.

It would also be sweet if you had some sort of way of separating blocks you accidentally pushed /all the way/ together, like the character automatically taking some sort of wedge and separating them.

The level should automatically restart when you accidentally kill Mothy and can't get any further without him.

All those frustrations voiced, I still think the puzzles per se are fairly easy. If you continue this series, I would enjoy more levels in the next iteration, with some really fiendish ones near the end.

The concept appeals to me very well. So great! The artwork is simple yet awesome!

It'd be a fun little game, but if you ever accidentally push a block into a corner, or even too close to the corner, you have to restart the entire level, which is irritating. There should be way to pull it back out of the corner

Great game! I love, love, love the artwork in this. The concept is really cool, too :)