Reviews for "Night Lights: After Dark"

Level 4 is impossible!

Oh, I did NOT like level 4. I don't know if I did it the way I was supposed to do. Unless there's a way to pick up the boxes, and the X and C buttons do nothing, so it must be only for lamps, or unless I find some way to get it to land on his head, there's no normal way to do it, because regardless of whether I put one of the boxes on the left trigger, there's a step I can't push the remaining upper box past, and the moving platform below disappears under the light, dropping the box to the spikes below, so there's no way to put it on the switch on the right to get to the lamp. So I tried dropping one of the boxes ON the spikes as far to the left as I can get it, to use as a jumping platform on top of the spikes for protection from the spikes, and then jump as far as I can toward the door, and I tried and tried many times and I always nicked the spikes and die until about the 10th try maybe. I have a sneaking suspicion that is not how I was SUPPOSED to win it. None of the other levels had any such ridiculous deception worthy of the puzzles of "trollface quest", they were straightforward solving, so I'm inclined to think there was SUPPOSED to be a different way to win #4, that maybe doesn't actually work. But oh well, I won it the weird way and I won the whole game. At least the game isn't too long and annoying.

By the way, you might want to consider a different font. The 0 in the 10 in level 10 looks like an 8. I thought for a while the levels were numbered out of order, when 11 came after 18. But it's supposed to be the computer 0 with a slash through it, only I guess it's more like the greek letter theta.

Bug: I got stuck on level 3 because it wouldn't let me walk left with the lamp on.

Its More Than A Superb Game!

Level 12 is extremely easy, I think you missed something in that level. You could just turn the light on and the guy would step on the pressure plate and you're done. I'd love some more levels as well, but other than that, great game! :D