Reviews for "Night Lights: After Dark"

This was very nice
Fun music

Fantastic idea! i just loved every level keep it up! :D

And again a great platformer :) and also a great Musik too 5/5

Pretty solid game but the levels were pretty easy. 2 exploits I found were in level 9 you can just push your buddy onto the switch with the block and in level 10 you can clip through walls if you use the elevator. http://imgur.com/UCp7iyf [ i'm magic :) ]

'Night Lights: After Dark' is a good game: Solid mechanics, the few controls are easy to learn, the graphic looks nice, the bgm is good, it has a mute button for those who don't agree and a walkthrough for the desperate and the impatient. It really shows that you've put a lot of work into this game.

I really like it, but there's still a little room for improvements...

For level 4 I had to look at the walkthrough. The thing is: It's not that hard or complicated - I just didn't expect the movable blocks to behave different. One box fell through the platform, so I expected the other one to behave and didn't try it out. I shouldn't have 'had to' look the solution up, because I should have learned the necessary techniques and game mechanics in earlier levels. My suggestion would be to drop that broken level 12 and add a level before the current number 4 that teaches the player, about not all boxes being 'solid' when the light hits them. Think about it...

Also there seems to be no background story in the actual game - only in the Newgrounds author comments. When the game started I thought that level 1 was my characters house, but actually quite the opposite was true.

I had a habit of pushing boxes too far towards the next wall, so I had to restart because I couldn't push it out, even though there was still a gap. However, this didn't seem to be a problem with two 'boxes' pushed too close together, as those seem to recognize what you are trying to do and moved when I tried to squeeze into the gap. It would be nice if you could replicate that behavior for the walls scenario as well.

Another thing: Every level earns the player 25 medal points, except Levels 12 and 14, which grant only 5. Wouldn't it be fairer to earn 5 points each for levels 1 to 3 and slowly increase the points from there?