Reviews for "Sanctuary of the Fallen Empire"

It shows promise as a new beginning.

The choice of those slightly detuned choirs gives an eerie, dissonant feel which contrasts the generally peaceful and laid-back ambiance. Could it be the "fallen" side of the sanctuary? They otherwise give a sacred, almost ancient undertone to the composition. I'm not sure if this contrast was sought on purpose or not, it's something I'd be more careful for your next Ambient piece sound design-wise.

It also has a nice structure. I think it could easily fit in a video game, since it has that potential of being looped virtually endlessly. The last thing I would point out is that Ambient music rarely employs edgy sounds, usually derived from EDM nowadays, and instead generally opts for mellower tones. It's not a rule but usually such pieces tend to emphasize the atmosphere and mood of the soundscape by exploiting each element's timbral qualities.

It's why Ambient tends to sound like a joke when it isn't, it actually implies a profound knowledge of each sound you have. Ambient music lets you dig further into the sound by exploiting the generally tempo-less (or otherwise really slow) nature of the style itself. If there is a melodic component, it's usually a slow evolution. I'd suggest you to keep exploring more sounds, more interesting ambiances and train on how to bring subtlety in your future works. It will be a rewarding experience in the end. ;)


Noisysundae responds:

I see there's several flaws in it yet you still gave it a 5. Many thanks. ;w;

The choirs (especially the bass choirs at the start) were intended but the opposite atmosphere wasn't. I don't have any experience in making ambient but I do like listening to them a lot. Frankly, my nature is making fast music like DnB or hardcore and this is all new for me.

Yes, I was going to make it a loop but ended up giving it an ending for the purpose of my visualizers on Youtube. I prefer uploading the same version on all site. In those timbres, I did that because many people commented on my older stuff that they lack some frequencies so I tried to find instruments to fill those gaps. Anyway, I'm definitely going to find more new sounds.
Thanks again for taking your time writing this long. I'm very grateful. :)

This is just a short review.
But I'll have you know that ambient is among my favorite genres. And this is good ambient :3
Perfect for game music, in the background :)
Especially for the deep psychological games.

Wonderful job ;)

Noisysundae responds:

Nevermind. You always make a review on every new sundae so it's not a problem. :P
Thanks like usual.

Simply beautiful! I love how deep the bass is <3

Noisysundae responds:

Thanks again Larry. :D

I'll have 3 scoops of this please. Seriously it reminds me of my favourite piece from Clannad, "The Girl's Fantasy". GJ!

Noisysundae responds:

I'm spending lunch time for answering this in the computer lab. XD
I'll take a listen to that when I'm home. Thanks very much.

Beautiful. The piano mixes well into it. I could sleep to this music...it's truly lovely.

Noisysundae responds:

Gems, gems are truly outrageous. They are truly truly truly outrageous. ♪♫