Reviews for "DeadlySpaceAction Mini #6"

I can pay your money if it's cool

If only these animations were longer, they're hilarious! xD

I thought this was the best in the series! I know the shorts aren't much of a series in themselves, but this was quite fun! I just love how you put these characters in a school situation. It really does match up their personalities quite well. It might not make much sense in-universe, but it's still hilarious! The animation and the voices are as good as ever.

I just love how quickly these characters react. It's nice to see them all play off each other. It's not that different from other shorts per se, but the atmosphere is fantastic. It's even pretty long for a short of yours. Very nice work.

lmao, it's a classy animation this time. :P Final run was pretty awesome, nice work!


'Yes. This video of two...' lolz