Reviews for "Fishy Waters"

Fun game - a little short but I feel like if it was any longer than it would have gotten too repetitive and boring.

pretty good game ws really short souldhave more upgrades

Just a tip for you guys- upgrade your fishing pole and boat! If you find that the things your supposed to catch are disappearing and you haven't had a chance to use the arrow keys to reel back the fish, it probably means your pole is too weak. You're supposed to catch the fish to save up for the upgrades. And I think that catching certain fish gets easier with bigger upgrades. I've just saw some people wondering why they couldn't catch fish, and the first few times I was wondering why until "right. Upgrade."

Beat the game, too. Simple and fun :). Even though it was a bit repetitive. But not too boringly so.

Amazing game! It would've been even better if you could get off the boat sometimes to explore islands and resorts, interact with different people there, escape from dangerous creatures on the islands, have sword fights and gun fights with pirates and other bandits, search for treasures, save more people, and still fish and everything. Still it was a terrific game with a real nice ending. Great music throughout the whole game too.

aaaaaaawwwww dduudes I got Kraken on the First try!! NNIICCEE good game too