Reviews for "Fishy Waters"

Awesome fucking game

I am having a difficult time selling my fish for some reason, so I can't get very far :/
But I know I would probably love the rest of the game.

super game! :) easy enough to get the hang off quickly, difficult enough to keep me interested, neat and heart-warming ending with a boss *just* right for me to beat without getting frustrated or giving up on, perfectly balanced all round. map clues were useful, thanks for putting those in. started and finished the game in all of one work break, best mini game i've found on here, so far.
now for some roast kraken on toast ...

Really great game. I love the animation and the main character/story line. Hope to see a longer game from you!

Addicting and sweet. The animations are cute and while there's very little and vague storyline behind it I really enjoyed playing it even after I caught the kraken. I like that you can keep playing even after you beat the boss.