Reviews for "Fishy Waters"

my game freezes when im about to sell the fishes.. i couldnt get pass the port. :c

very nice game

amazing game, simple yet so interesting and really relaxing. I hope there will be more games like this one in the future. It was really easy to control as well.

Excellent game. I really liked how easy the controls were yet there was still enough of a challenge built into it. It was a great part 1 and I hope you make a better part 2. Achievements would be nice, and make it fun to keep catching the smaller fish. Making a secret out cove that is out of reach until you catch 100 of each fish in that area would be fun. Then you could have special upgrades based on the difficulty of getting into that area. The ending of the game was too easy. I didn't even upgrade all the way and still won. Maybe having a second boss after that would help. Make it so you can play it right after beating the first boss, but almost impossible to beat until you get all secret upgrades. Also having something at the end of the game to keep striving for would be good. After getting everything there's no reason to keep playing. Maybe you could figure out something else to do with the fish that makes you have to choose between getting cash or helping a town. Overall it's a great game and I hope to see more.

A fun game. =D