Reviews for "Fishy Waters"

I really enjoyed this game; I just wish it were longer!

you should make it so u can catch the kraken more, after you save ur dad

Simple and great game! Just what an entretaining software should be! Amazing, good job with it.
I would like to see, another game with this mecanics but more improved. And a little longer store, like diferent sideways would be great. Keep the good work Hillbridge!

BEST GAME EVAAAAR! There are sooo many overlooked details! loved the shufferling music the voices! XD and also the fish animation is amazing! Awsome powerups it really does feel like you progress but I see alot of people dont like it to be so short but i personaly love little short games! And one thing, the best part of this game is that once you rescue your dad he apears on the ship! COOOOL! XD one thing i will add though is that it can be a little disorientating as i feel like super man flying ( sailing accualy ) around the world in 5 second which is partly a good thing so it doesnt take years to get to places! nice job!

Great game,Nice story,Great texture and Cool upgrades.The game could be WAY MORE better if it had any medals.But anyways 5 stars :)