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Reviews for "Back To Tamriel"

Just awesome! This is a masterpiece of art and comedy! The singing was great, the lyrics hilarious, the animations (adapted) perfectly. So many scenes that I laughted I wont even count them up. Also really like the artwork, like when the guy blushes or the pet female crab xD

Visitors, bypassers, residents and total foreigner to Tamriel, all thy should hear this Masterpiece.

Top score, and gonna be one of my favourites. Good job all

I'm never played any of those games, although I do love this video, HappyHarry is one of my favorite newgrounds animators

Harry Partridge is an amazing singer, as well as an awesome animator and drawer. 10/5! two stars up! 4 thumbs cut off from the elderly!

Amazing animating! I really enjoyed the style.

Haha great... Especially the joke at the end :D