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Reviews for "Back To Tamriel"

Harry's animations just goes to show how good animation could really be.

Damn! Look at that frame-rate.

Awesome video Love it!

idk why everyone is hating on Eso.
I like all the efforts they made to keep the single player experience from TES and addapt it to a common MMo setting. Plus the gameplay itself is really not that bad. It fell like guild wars 2 meet Tera.

Im having a blast playing this and I really don't mind the price.

15$ a month is fucking cheap compared to the amount of money I can waste on other games when Im bored.

...dude, you're awesome.and surprisingly enough you have an amazing voice. (surprising by newgrounds standards)

Nothing bad to say. Just wonderful animation and song.
But i'm not going to play online unless someone buy me the game with 6 months free.

JESUS, man! What a producion! This is by far one of the cooled and best animations I seen in Newgrounds in a long time. Kudos to your team on an amazing animation. The soundtrack totally rocks, love all of the character designs and the video game references included. The only bad thing about all of this is that there are more stars to rate this. Clearly, this deserves a 10!