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Reviews for "Back To Tamriel"

Wonderful, magnific, epic, i love you, nice, awesome, amazing, estupendo, <3<3<3

But then why is the singing protagonist just like he is in real life, namely a fat slob in a worn out t-shirt? He's the only one there who seems out of place. He could at least be an orc or something, that seems to fit his style, right? If I ever played one of those MMORPGs I would be a big stone golem. That kind of fits my style. Do they have golems in Oblivion? I don't even know. I'm sure they have them in some such thing. Well, associating with others in a social thing like that is something for young people to do, it's not something I even should do, it would be even creepier than this guy if I did it.

This harry partridge video is just weird in an incomprehensible way. Whereas Dr. Bees is weird in a funny and clever way. For that, I can't rate it that high, just for its comparison to his better stuff.

Awesome video Love it!

idk why everyone is hating on Eso.
I like all the efforts they made to keep the single player experience from TES and addapt it to a common MMo setting. Plus the gameplay itself is really not that bad. It fell like guild wars 2 meet Tera.

Im having a blast playing this and I really don't mind the price.

15$ a month is fucking cheap compared to the amount of money I can waste on other games when Im bored.

spoilers: TESO sucks