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Reviews for "Back To Tamriel"

Honestly, I didn't see any flaws with this one. Really getting me exited for the new game

best animation I've seen in a while

this animations was done very well already... but what really cements this into a full 5 stars for me defenitely had to be all of the last 3 seconds of it... so true. so very very true.

amazing, this was so halarious, especially the end when the lady ended up being a dude. That seems to happen a lot in games, I even done it too XD . The animation was so smooth and clean. and as for MajinMaian, maybe not the best song, but I found it a little catchy and really fit into the type of era this was in.

Though I have always loved your stuff and the animation and effort gone into this is great, I FUCKING HATED THAT SONG SO MUCH!
So I cannot in right mind, give you more than a 2.